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52mm 2" Heavy Duty Premium Gauge Pod

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This 2" / 52mm heavy duty premium gauge pod provides the perfect mounting solution for any 2" / 52mm diameter round gauge. This could be for voltage, oil pressure and temp, transmission temp or other needs.

When adding an aftermarket gauge to a vehicle finding a good solid position to mount it is always a problem. This is particularly the case with newer interiors where there is less opportunity to fit the gauge into the actual dash.

The gauge pod comes with a ratchet hinge which allows for adjustment for different inclines.

The gauge pod is also a direct VDO 230.028 aftermarket replacement.

The gauge pod has a total useable depth, including any terminals, of 65mm.


  • Suits all 52mm / 2" gauges
  • Total useable depth, including any terminals, of 65mm
  • Black
  • Adjustable foot
  • Heavy duty premium design
  • Makes mounting gauges easier

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