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COMPUSHIFT Sport and Pro in HotRod.com

El Camino big-block-powered A-body with COMPUSHIFT Transmission Controller

Jeff Smith from hotrod.com recently reviewed our COMPUSHIFT Sport transmission controller. Eric Rosendahl upgraded his El Camino big-block-powered A-body and needed to make a decision about a transmission controller. He comments:

"The only question that remained unanswered was which controller to use. There are several companies building reputable stand-alone electronic trans controllers, but one particular version stood out: HGM Electronics’ newly revised Compushift Sport. Its predecessor proved itself to be a highly dependable unit with a great reputation, but HGM decided to upgrade the design with wireless improvements."




"The system uses Bluetooth connectivity to allow the user to control all transmission tuning aspects through their device."


Check the story out - complete with images of the car, controller and Bluetooth enabled App!


Bluetooth Enabled COMPUSHIFT Transmission Controller


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