Warranty Policy

For a period of three years after purchase, HGM Automotive Electronics will repair or replace, at our expense and option, any HGM manufactured transmission controller, part or accessory that was sold direct or through our dealer network, that in normal use has proven to be defective in workmanship or material. The customer must return the transmission controller, part or accessory prepaid to HGM Automotive Electronics with proof of purchase to allow opportunity to verify the alleged defect by inspection.

HGM will not ship replacement parts for a warranty claim unless the allegedly defective part has been inspected by HGM or a deposit for the full value of the replacement has been made.

HGM Automotive Electronics will not be responsible for any asserted defect that specifically resulted from normal wear, misuse, abuse, or repair or alteration made by anyone other than an authorized HGM Automotive Electronics representative or service facility. Under no circumstances will HGM Automotive Electronics be liable for incidental or consequential damages resulting from defective products, or improper installation, configuration, or use.

This warranty is the sole warranty and sets forth the customer's exclusive remedy. All other warranties, express or implied, including fitness for purpose, are expressly disclaimed by HGM Automotive Electronics.