About Us

HGM Automotive Electronics is a specialty transmission controller manufacturer that designs and supplies leading edge electronic systems for automotive aftermarket use. Our best-known products, the COMPUSHIFT family of transmission controllers, have become one of the most recognized stand alone automatic transmission controllers in the industry.

Factory race teams, street rod builders and owners, and heavy truck operators all use our transmission controllers (also known as transmission control modules) and recognize them as state of the art. We frequently customize our products and transmissions for customers who come to us with specialized requirements.

HGM's founders are all car enthusiasts and are the company's product designers. We pride ourselves on not cutting corners and consistently providing durable, well-engineered systems.

We have never had a customer return a product because they were unsatisfied with its performance. Our company, our products, and many customer success stories have been featured in numerous publications.

Some History on Transmission Controllers and HGM Electronics

In the 1980's most automobile manufacturers recognized the inherent advantages of a computer-controlled automatic transmission. Government-mandated automobile efficiency and emissions standards, combined with the requirement for drivability and durability from customers, placed a high demand on the engine and transmission controls. Fortunately for the aftermarket enthusiasts, the transmissions that were developed are strong, versatile, and offer great flexibility, provided that an appropriate transmission controller is used.

Without a transmission controller, these transmissions are literally "brain-dead". With a transmission controller, they are tunable to provide high performance for a variety of applications. In 1996, disappointed with the available controllers on the market, the three founders of HGM Automotive Electronics began the development of the COMPUSHIFT. After hundreds of thousands of dollars in engineering and development expenses and hundreds of hours of road testing in many different vehicles, COMPUSHIFT was born.


The HGM product line is continually being enhanced and widened to support more transmissions and specialty applications including hybrid and industrial vehicles.

Made in the USA

We at HGM Automotive Electronics do our best to source and produce our products first here in the USA, and secondly in North America. For example, our COMPUSHIFT Sport and COMPUSHIFT Pro transmission controllers major components are sourced as follows:

  • Case: Torrance, CA
  • Display: Alberta, Canada
  • Display enclosure: Upland, CA
  • Printed circuit board assembly: Los Angeles, CA
  • Wire looms: Santa Fe Springs, CA and Torrance, CA
  • Shipping box: Los Angeles, CA
  • Engineering and design: Torrance, CA
  • Final assembly, configuration, testing, packing, and shipping: Torrance, CA
  • Primary telephone support: Torrance, CA

Unlike some of our competitors, we do not presently outsource manufacturing offshore, and will do our utmost to continue to bring our customers products "Proudly made in the USA!"