Your American Made Transmission Controller

HGM's COMPUSHIFT Transmission Controllers are now Bluetooth enabled and App programmable. They ship to America, Canada and indeed to many countries worldwide with a full set of plug and play cables. Best yet, our controllers (or Transmission Control Units - TCU's) are designed and manufactured in America!


At HGM You Can Count On The Following Great Features

1 - The Perfect Harness

Avoid the pitfall of budget priced controllers requiring you to "cut and solder" to get your harness installed. At HGM we custom engineer plug and play harnesses for every transmission. So whether you need a 4L80E controller, 4L60E controller any other transmission controller you'll know connecting your harness will be hassle free.  Plus, we make sure that every part of the wiring harness is labeled so you don't need to dig into manuals asking questions like "what does this color wire do?"


2 - Setup Ready-To-Go

To make the task of setting up your transmission easy, we provide factory pre-set settings for each transmission. This allows your transmission to run with carefully selected settings to optimize its shifts. However, you can personalize your shift points and fine tune your transmission settings by making adjustments from those factory pre-sets.

3 - Easy Kit Configuration

We make choosing your kit as easy as 1-2-3. Did you know that the 4L60E transmission controller kit varies depending on the number of pins your 4L60E main plug has (13, 15 or 17)? Did you know the 4L80E transmission has an early and late version? These differences are important as cables and connectors need to be right for your exact transmission. At HGM we developed an easy questions/answer configurator that creates the kit that works with your transmission.

HGM COMPUSHIFT Sport and Pro - Check out what Specialists from Down Under say!

We proudly stand behind every transmission controller we sell. So you get an expertly engineered product plus a team that is with you all the way.


"We have been using the HGM Electronics Transmission Control Unit since 2007 in conjunction with the ZF 4HP22 transmission. This has been a very commercially successful and a versatile tool that has enabled to offer electronic automatic conversion kits to the manual Land Rover Defender.  It has been a pleasure to work with the product support guys to develop and improve their transmission controller product line."

Dave Ashcroft

Ashcroft Transmissions Limited Beds, United Kingdom LU4 0JF

"We at Needfulthingz Hot Rod & Fabrication Shop thoroughly enjoy all of the expert staff at HGM. They are extremely knowledgeable about their automatic transmission controller products and go out of their way to provide fantastic customer care! It's always a pleasure to use a HGM product on one of our builds because we know that they stand behind their products and go that extra mile to ensure that that everything is perfect!"

Lukasz M. Granicy
Owner / C.E.O.

NeedfulThingz Hot Rod Shop Lancaster, CA 93534

"I have been working closely with HGM Electronics for the past 5 years as part of our Conversion Projects. The ease of use and fantastic tech support make dealing with HGM so easy. Nothing is too difficult. Mike and Guy are always eager to help with new ideas and concepts to bring dreams into reality. Would not consider any other transmission controller which is why I used one in my own vehicle."

Jonathon Bosel
Operations Manager

Wholesale Automatic Transmissions
Bayswater, Australia 3153

"We have been using HGM Transmission Controllers since 2001, we have used over 3000+ units, we recently started using the new 700-R4 & 200-4R Mini Computer, Mike and Guy have always been great to deal with, they make very high quality products, they have the best tech Support, and have always stood behind their product. I highly recommend HGM, excellent company to deal with, the guys are experts in their field."

Zack Farah
Owner / C.E.O.

Gearstar Performance Transmissions, Inc.
Akron, OH 44308