Toyota/Lexus A340 / A341 / A343 Transmission Controller

The COMPUSHIFT Sportis the next generation of Toyota/Lexus A340 / A341 / A343  transmission controller.


The Right Connectors For Your Toyota/Lexus A340 / A341 / A343 Transmission Controller

We run you through a quick survey to determine exactly what plugs and cables you need for your specific Toyota/Lexus A340 / A341 / A343  transmission and its specific application.You'll get exactly the right kit.

Plug and Play Connectors for Toyota/Lexus A340 / A341 / A343 are Included

All our kits come with a full set of Toyota/Lexus A340 / A341 / A343  Plug and Play OEM Connectors because HGM always seeks tomake connection easy.

Smart Phone Integration

Program your Toyota/Lexus A340 / A341 / A343  shift strategy using our World First smart phone integrated transmission controller. This makes programming dead easy – allowing programming via Android or iOS smart phones, tablets, PC's and Mac's.  Connectivity includes both Bluetooth and dual independent CAN bus networks. All software is included.

Fully Customize Your Toyota/Lexus A340 / A341 / A343 Transmission

Getfull and precise controlof the shifting strategy for your Toyota/Lexus A340 / A341 / A343 .  COMPUSHIFT Sport is delivered with versatile factory-set programming for a wide variety of transmission and engine combinations.  However, you can completely customize settings to your exact specifications. 

Installation Guide

The COMPUSHIFT Sport comes with an easy installation guide to make installing and configuring your Toyota/Lexus A340 / A341 / A343 stand alone transmission controller a breeze. This manual is available under Product Manuals on our Technical Support page.

Meticulously Engineered and Tested


All COMPUSHIFT Sport Toyota/Lexus A340 / A341 / A343  transmission controllers are supplied as a complete plug and play assembly.

Every assembly has been proudly designed and built in the United States.

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