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You're In Full Control

You're In Full Control

The term “You’re in full control” isn’t something you hear getting thrown around a lot when talking automatic transmissions. But wait! What is now available is a new smart phone enabled standalone transmission controller from HGM Automotive Electronics or “COMPUSHIFT” as many of you may know them. There is no doubt that transmission controllers have come a long way, but few would have thought that it would now be possible to control both current and future transmissions with this new Bluetooth plug and play transmission controller. To list all of the technical changes that have gone into the latest stand-alone system to come out of HGM’s stable would be impossible, as you could write a novel on the subject. But what we can do is concentrate on just a few of the stand out features that make up the new system.

Most noticeable is the new case design that is nothing short of elegant. When you first lay eyes on the unit, you’ll love its one piece billet CNC machined housing, gorgeous round edges and mounting system that is both water and dust resistant with a genuine I.P rating. The system has a very strong lever style connecting plug that fully locks into place when inserted. Things get very interesting when you notice this system has a beautifully crafted and sealed plastic window, and no its not for looking through. What it does is allow for wireless Bluetooth connection to HGM’s own app, already available via the Apple App Store or Google Play. This allows you to pair the unit to your very own Apple or Android device for set up, then configure and calibrate to your heart’s content. This has never been done before and is a world’s first, designed and built right here in the United States. You, for the first time, will be able to run and configure a larger range of transmissions that has never been available before, and because “You’re In Full Control”, you will no longer be restricted to engine management systems or outdated transmission controllers.

If the new controller wasn’t exciting enough, then we move onto the app that is available for both the iPhone/iPad and Android. It is clear to see that a lot of effort has gone into the package that is both very easy to use and full of useful information. The app will allow you to pair with both the COMPUSHIFT Pro and Sport so you can pick your transmission of choice, then set up and configure the controller to suit your needs. Unlike all the 4 speed transmissions that are mostly plug and play straight out of the box with simple set up, the app allows all available models, including the 5, 6 and 8 speed transmissions to be set up and calibrated to suit your own shift feel. No two people have the same vehicle, as there are always a variation in diff ratios, tire size, vehicle weight and engine power outputs. So the app has been designed to take all of the information provided during your set up and configure the transmission straight out of the box, leaving just the calibration to complete at your own leisure. But the best part is that the app allows for remote technical help with configuration and calibration if ever required. Yes, they have thought of everything!

Now, when you remove the transmission controller from its custom packaging, you will notice that tucked away underneath is a complete purpose built wiring harness provided specifically for your transmission of choice. This harness is completely plug and play with all the plugs provided and pre fitted to a fully covered loom, so it is a no-fuss easy install. The harness has I.P. rated plugs for both the transmission and the controller, so you now have a much broader ability to choose where you mount the controller, whether it be inside the vehicle, or under the hood. Each and every COMPUSHIFTand wiring harness has been pre-tested by HGM to give you peace of mind that the quality of both the controller and harness is perfect before the install.

HGM Automotive Electronics is a U.S company founded in 1999, is based in Torrance California, and is run by a pair of the most respected names in the industry. Mike Hoy a former transmission builder and shop owner is now president of HGM and Guy Cardwell is one very switched on electronic engineer and vice president. Behind them are a team that specialize in everything from technical assistant all the way though to marketing, business development and engineering. The shop consists of transmission dyno facilities, industrial engineering machinery and more electronic assembly / testing equipment than I have ever seen before. The driving force behind the company is passion: when you love what you do the results truly do show.

The new system is set to roll out next month around the middle of January but the full list of transmissions that the new system is capable of controlling including those currently in development is all available on HGM’ web site. For any information about HGM’s new COMPUSHIFTPro and COMPUSHIFTSport transmission controllers or any of the products available from HGM Automotive Electronics, please jump onto their new web page dedicated to the new system at WWW.COMPUSHIFT-PRO.COM

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