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Radek Saitz's 1964 XM Ford Falcon Ute from Australia - A Top Retro Car

Radek Saitz's 1964 XM Ford Falcon Ute from Australia - A Top Retro Car

Read below the story of Radek Saitz and his '64 XM Ford Falcon Ute. He used the COMPUSHIFT standalone transmission controller to control his Toyota A340E.

Radek's '64 XM Ford Falcon Ute was awarded Top Retro in show in the Alice Springs Red Centre Nats in Australia last year.

Engine: Toyota 1JZVVTI 6cyl Inline with Single Turbo.

Engine Management: Haltech Elite 2000, IC7 LED Display, Boost Controller and Wideband O2 Controller (all wired up and installed by Radek including setup of base map).

Transmission: Toyota A340E with a heavy duty friction plate kit, valve body shift kit and 3000 rpm heavy duty stall converter.

Transmission Management: COMPUSHIFT standalone transmission controller with dash display and Haltec CAN Bus integration.

Gear Shifter: B&M shifter with integrated Overdrive Button and Mode Button.

Differential: Shortened Ford 9".

Brakes: Disc brake front 330mm slotted, disc brake rear.

Steering & Suspension: Front rack and pinion power steering, adjustable coil over front with camber / caster adjustment, damper adjustable shock inserts. Rear reset leaf springs, with Caltrac traction bars. 

Wheels: 17" x 8" American racing "Salt Flats".

Body: Basically original on the outside with a patina paint scheme finished in a satin clear coat. The engine bay had the firewall and strut towers notched to accommodate the engine and mounts fabricated to fit the gearbox crossmember. 

Radek is 46 and lives in Darwin, Australia, but was born in the Czech Republic. He has always been into cars - modifying, racing & collecting. He has a soft spot for the rotaries and anything Ford. He has three boys who help out with his project cars. The car is used as much as he can on the weekend and club days with the odd car show here are there.

Radek says the COMPUSHIFT is a "small compact controller that packs a punch. It is nice, solid and compact, easy to fit with pretty detailed instructions to get you started." He appreciates the Bluetooth connectivity of the COMPUSHIFT and says "the ability to see live data and diagnostics via Bluetooth on your phone is awesome. It made setup and calibration so much more painless." 


Thanks to Radek for sharing his ride.

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