A Revolution In Transmission Control

The COMPUSHIFT Sport and Pro are the next generation of transmission controllers.


All The Connectors -The COMPUSHIFT Sport and Pro transmission controller looms come with a full set of Plug and Play OEM Connectors for all supported transmissions - making installation effortless.

Smart Phone Integration -COMPUSHIFT Sport and Pro brings you the first ever smart phone integrated transmission controller. This makes programming dead easy – allowing programming via Android or iOS smart phones, tablets, PC's and Mac's.  Connectivity includes both Bluetooth and dual independent CAN bus networks. All software is included.

Fully Customize Your Transmission -Get full and precise control of the shifting strategy for your transmission.  COMPUSHIFT Sport and Pro are delivered with versatile factory-set programming for a wide variety of transmission and engine combinations.  However, you can completely customize settings to your exact specifications. 

COMPUSHIFT Sport controls 4 speed transmissions.

COMPUSHIFT Pro manages 4, 5, 6 or more speed transmissions.

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Meticulously Engineered and Tested


All COMPUSHIFT Sport and Pro transmission controllers are supplied with a complete plug and play assembly. 

Every assembly is proudly designed and built in the United States.

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Note: This product may not be legal for use in California on pollution controlled vehicles.