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Ford Super 8.8", 12 Bolt Rear Differential Cover

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Volume: about 3/4 quart over stock

PML designed this cover for 2015, 2016, and 2017 Ford F-150 trucks with the new Ford 8.8 inch Super or "HD" rear differential. Some Mustangs also have this new differential and may be able to use this cover. Other Ford or Mercury vehicles may also be able to use this cover.

Some F-150 trucks have the 12 bolt Ford 9.75 (9 3/4) inch ring gear rear differential.See PML covers with straight fins and pattern fins for heavy duty rear axle covers for the 9.75 inch ring gear Ford differential.

Always check your truck to verify your differential and clearance.


  • Additional capacity: approximately 3/4 quart over stock
  • Fins for dissipating heat from fluid
  • Pads for using stock clips to keep lines routed above differential in place
  • Fill hole on side for easy addition of new fluid
  • Drain on bottom with magnetic drain plug included
  • Boss (unmachined) if needed for temperature sending unit
  • Standard PML top quality heavy duty sand cast aluminum construction

Level check is on the carrier. To fill, add fluid through fill hole on the side of the cover. Stop adding once fluid starts to dribble out level check hole.

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