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Hummer H1 Front and Rear Differential Cover, 12 Bolts

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Volume: approximately 0.5 quarts over stock

Dimensions: approximately 11.7 tall x 11.8 wide x 3.8 deep

This differential cover has been installed on many Hummer H1 as well as M998 Humvee (HMMWV) vehicles.

On Hummer H1 the front and rear differentials are the same. This PML cover will fit both axles and works with standard undercarriage protection. It is designed to slide between the brake calipers.

On an H1 with an aftermarket brake kit with larger calipers, one of the calipers had to be loosened to remove the stock covers and install this PML differential cover. After installation, the caliper was retighted. No modifications were needed. We do not know which brake kit so there may be variations.

Always check your vehicle to verify configuration and clearance before ordering.


PML designed this differential cover with:

  • Extra capacity
  • Fins and sand cast aluminum construction to dissipate heat from the fluid
  • Clearance for brake calipers and undercarriage protection
  • Wide gasket flange for a secure seal to the housing
  • Thick walls to add strength to the differential housing
  • Bolt on replacement for stock covers
  • Drain hole with magnetic drain plug included
  • Bosses that can optionally be machined for a temperature sending unit

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