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Nissan RE5R05A With Slant For Cars, Frontier, Pathfinder, Xterra, Deep PML Transmission Pan

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Volume:approximately 1.1 quarts over stock

Dimensions: Depth is about 2.8 inches. Stock pan is about 1.8 inches. Always check your vehicle to verify transmission and clearance as PML does have a restocking fee. Click for larger image.

Number of Bolts: 22

This heavy duty transmission oil pan fits the Nissan RE5R05A transmission and is designed to clear the frame cross members on Frontier, Pathfinder, Xterra and similar vehicles AND work with most skid plates.


  • Frame clearance
  • Skid plate clearance with overall height of 2.8 inches (enough for many skid plates)
  • Ground clearance for most cars, trucks and SUVs, only 1 inch deeper than stock pan
  • Extra capacity, fins, and aluminum construction for cooling transmission fluid
  • A drain hole and magnetic plug for easier maintenance
  • Thick walls and gasket flange to add strength to the transmission case and provide a secure seal


PML designed this pan for cars with the RE5R05A, 2005 and newer Nissan Frontier, Xterra, and Pathfinder, and Titans with skid plates:

  • Frontier, 2005 and newer
  • Pathfinder, 2004 to 2012, with V8 5.6 or V6 4.0
  • Xterra, 2005 and newer
  • Suzuki Equator, 2009 to 2012, may also be able to use this pan
  • Cars and trucks with the Nissan RE5R0RA transmission needing clearance to the ground or skid plate

Note: We cannot guarantee that this pan will fit. Many skid plates are available. The amount of ground clearance varies depending on the vehicle. Always check your vehicle to verify transmission and clearance. There is a restocking fee for returns. See Installations section below for examples and pictures.

We have a deep pan for the Nissan RE5R05A transmission, Part Number 11037 that is 3.5 quarts over stock.

2013/2014 version: A first revision of this transmission pan had slants on the front and rear and was 4.1 inches deep.

Replaces PML Part Number 11091: This PML transmission pan replaces PML part number 11091, which was 2 5/8 inches deep and designed for cars and Titan trucks with skid plates but would NOT work with Xterra, Frontier or Pathfinder.

Filter and Gasket Information

The filter on the RE5R05A is a screen, and it bolts on to the valve body of the transmission so no filter supports or extensions are needed.

This transmission pan works with stock gaskets. These are usually about $25 from your local Nissan dealer.



The drain is toward the front of the vehicle. 

PML includes a magnetic drain plug and all mounting bolts with the pan.

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